6-MAPB is a new research chemical that is known to be an entactogenic and psychedelic compound.
It is related to MDMA and 6-APB structurally, therefore, it may have similar effects.



6-MAPB is a new research chemical that is known to be an entactogenic and psychedelic compound.
It is related to MDMA and 6-APB structurally, therefore, it may have similar effects.
Manufacturers created 6-MAPB so it could be studied to learn more about such analogs of MDA and if the new supplementary compound could produce the beneficial effects without the harmful side effects.
At this time, there is only scientific research data available on this research chemical.
Due to the newness of the chemical, more research needs to be compiled to learn if 6-MAPB may have abuse potential or long term side effects prior to going to clinical trials.
Due to lack of research 6-MAPB is not intended for human consumption. Research on 6-MAPB shows it to be closely related to 5-MAPB with minor changes in the structure. ACD/Labs conducted studies on 6-MAPB which shows the vapor pressure, boiling point, and other scientific data.
ChemAxon also published predicted studies of the research chemical including structural calculations, names and identifiers, solubility, and geometry.
One other study was conducted comparing 6-MAPB and 6-APB to learn the identifying metabolites.
The study showed that the metabolites were very similar to 5-MAPB and 5-APB along with the benzofuran and furan.
With 6-MAPB pathways were determined the same as with 6-APB which were hydroxylation and benzofuran with the next step being the cleavage of the enzymatic ring with alcohol or reducing carboxylic acid.
It showed that more hydroxylated the alcohol and carboxylic acid became glucuronidated.
The results after further study did not show many differences with the metabolites when comparing the 5-isomers.
The only difference was a bit in the formation of dihydroxy metabolites which was nothing more than a lower rate of formation.

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