Karibbean Mango


Karibbean Mango was developed by the Spanish breeders of Kannabia. They began with selecting a Mango Skunk characterized by a unique sweetness and then decided to cross in Black Domina to achieve improvements regarding yields,


Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango,karibbean Mango was developed by the Spanish breeders of Kannabia. They began with selecting a Mango Skunk characterized by a unique sweetness and then decided to cross in Black Domina to achieve improvements regarding yields, bud size, and resin production. Kannabia thought that just having tropical aromas would not be sufficient for a variety that aims to be superior to the large variety of exotic-tasting strains that already exist. Black Domina was definitely the solution, and gave Karibbean Mango all the features it needed to be fully convincing.

This strain is indica-dominant (75%) and mainly based on Afghan genetics and Mango. Karibbean Mango develops rather spongy, elongated flowers that demand constant fertilization to grow into enormous dimensions. The buds’ density will greatly increase as harvest day approaches, resulting in added weight and indoor yields of up to 480g/m². The indoor flowering time is 65 days.

Karibbean Mango has remarkably sweet flavours that remind of ripe, tropical fruit. It’s a delicious blend of sugary and slightly acidic tones, together with bitter nuances, and a fresh citrus influence that is more pronounced in some phenotypes than others. Aromas strongly remind of tangy fruit with an alluring scent of cypress. The effects of Karibbean Mango are unique and surprisingly strong. One has to remember that a quarter of the genetic make-up is on the Sativa side, delivering an almost narcotic Black Domina buzz with more complexity and a more uplifting turn.

Karibbean Mango will be the ideal sunshine smoke, with tropical flavours and strong effects. It might leave smokers surprised by its outstanding aroma profile. When growers, very understandingly so, desire flavours of tropical fruit, there’s basically no way around Karibbean Mango – the exotic beauty with Black Domina genetics.

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